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The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo.

The primary purpose of the “Inside the Gates” blog is to highlight unique and especially interesting materials from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) Library’s rich collections. Other postings announce or summarize special events hosted by the library; describe staff members’ professional activities; and spotlight new acquisitions and donations.

The blog is maintained by interim archivist Jaime Espenesen-Sturges and Director Leslie Stapleton. The majority of the entries through December 2012 were written by archivist Caitlin Donnelly. entries published between August 2008 and March 2009 were written by former reference librarian Stephanie Boothby.

The DRT Library is part of the Alamo historical complex in San Antonio, Texas. It has been developed and is supported and maintained by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas with the goal of advancing the understanding of the unique history of the Alamo and Texas and of the lives of those who experienced it. The Library’s staff selects, acquires, organizes, preserves, and provides access to primary and secondary source materials relating to the history of Texas, San Antonio, and the Alamo.

The Library’s major collections include the general collection of books; the clipping file; fine art and print collections; manuscript collections; maps; newspapers; periodicals; the photograph collection; and sheet music. For more information about the scope and content of these materials, please see the “Overview of Collection” page at the DRT Library website.

We welcome our readers to submit comments, ask questions, and share their expertise about the topics we write about on our blog.

For questions, additional information, or research assistance, please contact:

Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo

Mailing address: P. O. Box 1401, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Phone: (210) 225-1071


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